We use reliable sources, such as The Guardian, One Green Planet and Live Kindly to name a few.

Getting to know pigs turned Jon Stewart vegan

on Stewart, American comedian, writer, producer, director, political commentator, actor, and host of The Daily Show for many years, retired to run an animal sanctuary with his wife, Tracey.  On Realizing that pigs have individual personalities—and working on opening an animal sanctuary—helped Jon Stewart switch to a vegan diet.

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The Hell and Horror of Live Animal Exports to the Middle East

How the Middle East's water shortage drives demand for live animal imports. The increasingly dry region relies on imports of sheep and cows from as far as Brazil to satisfy the rapidly growing population Cows are waiting in pens, on sweet-smelling fresh straw. They...

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Animal Activism being lumped together with terrorist groups

The UK’s anti-terrorism police force has listed animal rights and environmental protection groups in the same category as Satanists, Jihadists, alt-rights groups etc comparing these groups to terrorists. The idea that Animal rights groups are dangerously deluded psychos is being pushed by the alt-right all over the world.

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The future of fake meat

Faux meat companies will need to perfect their production and processing systems and figure out how to get all that fake meat to the masses.

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Could you cook and eat your pet?

A groundbreaking new TV series is asking families to choose between eating meat and the life of their beloved family pets -  Putting a face on your meal. It is one of the most shocking ultimatums ever delivered on television. In this groundbreaking series, a family of...

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The Exciting Future of Cultured Meat

The last decade has seen an explosion in the alternative protein space, and one of the new meat contenders is the cultivation of animal cells for human consumption — commonly referred to as ‘lab-grown’ or ‘cultured’ meat. The idea of cultured meat is not a new one....

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Major food disruption on the way

The writing is on the wall – the collapse of the industrial livestock industry is on its way, followed by the collapse of related and supporting industries.

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