We use reliable sources, such as The Guardian, One Green Planet and Live Kindly to name a few.

Going Vegan can save the planet: 5 ways

The Economist dubbed 2019 as The Year of The Vegan and the vegan movement has certainly fulfilled that prediction. Veganism is becoming more prevalent in various sectors of society and has moved from a small group to mainstream lifestyle choice.

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Our food choices can keep us and the planet healthy

What you eat matters. Not only is it important to eat food that is healthy, but what you eat also has an impact on the planet's health.  Eating healthy food is almost always also best for the environment, according to the most sophisticated analysis to date. The study...

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Could you cook and eat your pet?

A groundbreaking new TV series is asking families to choose between eating meat and the life of their beloved family pets -  Putting a face on your meal. It is one of the most shocking ultimatums ever delivered on television. In this groundbreaking series, a family of...

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