Big partnerships with food providers will bring meatless meat to new locations, including schools, hospitals and offices.

Some of the biggest food providers in the US are companies you’ve never heard of. Food service provider Aramark, for example, serves 2 billion meals each year, at schools, hospitals, ballparks, and office cafés. Its competitor, Sodexo, has 420,000 employees and 34,000 locations worldwide and serves millions of meals every day.

This week, both companies announced that they’ve signed big partnerships with the makers of meatless meat.

Sodexo announced August 8 that it will debut the Impossible Burger at more than 1,500 US locations this month, with eight different Impossible meat options, including “a sausage muffin sandwich, gravy and biscuits, a steakhouse burger, and creole burger” dishes.

Meanwhile, Aramark announced a partnership with Impossible Foods rival Beyond Meat on August 12. The company will be serving, among other offerings, Beyond Sausage at Citi Field in Queens, New York, Beyond Burgers at Minute Maid Park in Houston, and a Beyond Sausage gumbo bowl for hospital patients.

If plant-based meat is to be the triumph its proponents hope for, it has to win contracts like these – and it sounds like both Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are making those partnerships happen.