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Forget veganism

Spare yourself the label, we don’t need to get hackled up about these titles, identity and ideology. It’s simply about looking at what’s working and what isn’t working, what’s causing harm and what’s alleviating harm.

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A vegan’s view on the Beyond Burger

Let’s face it, the Beyond Burger has been created for meat-eaters to get them to realise that it doesn’t have to be meat to taste good. Most vegans wouldn’t want to eat a flesh-like burger! So what does a vegan think of the Beyond Burger?

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What I eat

Before I lay out what my vegan dietary behaviour typically looks like, I have to first say… BANANAS ARE THE GREATEST!

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Eating mothers and babies is not cool

It is psychotic to raise billions of sentient beings who have the same propensity to feel, experience, and have relationships as we do, yet cage, torture and mutilate them. We intuitively know there’s something fundamentally disturbing about that.

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Veganism on the rise

Time Magazine releases an issue every year in which they identify who they believe are the world’s 100 most influential people and veganism has managed to creep in throughout the 2017 issue.

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The Meat Revolution

Some forward thinking, earth-loving and health conscious individuals have seen the writing on the wall and have set out on a quest to create plant-based “meat” to satisfy our hunger.

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