Climate change is here. We can no longer ignore the rising temperatures, rising seas and extreme weather events.

Just where do viruses come from?

The whole world is in the grip of Coronavirus, but it is not the first time that the world has been held to ransom by something that you cannot even see.

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Veganism Goes Mainstream!

Veganism is more popular than ever. With the help of social media and vegan stars making headlines, more young people are opting for the lifestyle.

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An Apocalypse looms as the Doomsday clock moves to 100 seconds to midnight

According to the symbolic Doomsday Clock which predicts how close our planet is to complete destruction, is now only 100 seconds from midnight. That is less than 2 minutes! The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) said on Thursday that the change was made due to nuclear proliferation, failure to tackle climate change and “cyber-based disinformation”.

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The Hell and Horror of Live Animal Exports to the Middle East

How the Middle East's water shortage drives demand for live animal imports. The increasingly dry region relies on imports of sheep and cows from as far as Brazil to satisfy the rapidly growing population Cows are waiting in pens, on sweet-smelling fresh straw. They...

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Vegans are good for the environment

The UN’s latest climate report warns that climate change will continue to threaten our food supply. Growing vegetables requires less land and has less waste than raising meat does.

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