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Meat industry has bigger impact on environment than oil

A recent study from multiple organisations such as The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), GRAIN and the Heinrich Boll Foundation, has found that meat producers were responsible for creating more greenhouse gases than the entire country of France. Read more

Vegan kids TV series set to air in Australia

The launch of a Vegan Kids TV series will be in the style of a family-friendly talk and game show and the company is currently seeking vegan kid guests in the Melbourne region to feature on the episodes. Read more

Vegan options are required by law in Portugal

Thanks to a  a petition launched by the Portugal Vegetarian Society in 2016, now all schools, canteens, universities, hospitals, prisons and all other public buildings are legally required to serve plant-based food. Read more

Top wins for animals in 2017

It was a year of extraordinary gains on a wide set of issues, showing the power and reach of The HSUS, Humane Society International and their affiliates, with circus wins and anti-fur policies topping the list. Read more