We love to cook! So we thought we would share some of our tried-and-tested vegan-friendly recipes with you… 

The return of the jaffle!

Do you find yourself throwing leftovers away or lacking imaginative ways to reinvent the same ingredients? Then it’s time to get out the pie iron!

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Vegan Banana Pancakes

These delicious banana pancakes are perfect for a light breakfast, or as a teatime snack. Simply add slices of banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar or some Maple Syrup!

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Hearty Cabbage Casserole

Some people are not sure about cabbage stews, but we can promise you that this one will change your mind! Packed with vegetables, plant-based sausages, garlic and paprika, it’s both hearty while being healthy.

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Vegetable Pot Pies

These are so simple and economical to make! No fake meat here – just fresh vegetables and beans in a brown onion soup. Comfort food at its best!

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Best ever vegan burgers

These are possibly the best burgers we have ever had! They are ridiculously delicious and also ridiculously easy to make. Trust us, once you’ve eaten these, you’ll keep using this recipe!

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Easy vegan chocolate mousse

This decadent chocolate mousse is made from a handful of ingredients, including aquafaba – now you’ll have even more reason to save your chickpea water!

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