The production of eggs is bad for the planet and terrible for animal welfare and these celebs are letting people know about it.

We agree with Trevor Noah: There isn’t anything the Swifties can’t accomplish. We encourage them to take on the egg industry next!

Did you know that the actual price of eggs is higher than Taylor Swift Ticketmaster tickets? Every year, the U.S. egg industry exploits more than 305 million hens for their eggs, while more than 200 million male chicks are ground up—some of them while they’re still chirping—because they’re “useless” to the industry since they don’t produce eggs and aren’t large enough to be used for their flesh.

The best thing Swifties can do is to go vegan and join these 10 celebs who know the price of eggs has always been too high for chickens:

Sadie Sink

“I realized what goes on in the egg industry, and the dairy industry, so then I was like, ‘That’s it! Going vegan!’”


Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian


Madeline Petsch

“I was raised vegetarian. I turned vegan at around 14. I felt a lot healthier. I didn’t feel as lethargic because I wasn’t eating milk or eggs.”


Lenny Kravitz



“I think hip-hop is becoming more conscious, you know, about their diets. I think some of it started with KRS-One having a song called ‘Beef’ and giving us an idea of the process that animals go through, you know, to make it to our tables, the uncleanliness of the factories, and the situation of how a hamburger is made.”


Edie Falco


Jermaine Dupri

“I’ve been vegan for over a decade, and for me, there’s nothing better for feeling your best and knowing you’re helping the planet and animals.”



Billie Eilish



Jessica Chastain

“I don’t want to torture anything. I guess it’s about trying to live a life where I’m not contributing to the cruelty in the world. … While I am on this planet, I want everyone I meet to know that I am grateful they are here.”


Original source: https://www.peta.org


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