Vega Insiders is a Dutch company producing a range of meat alternatives, most notably plant-based bacon brand Grunchy and plant-based kebab meat brand Holy Cow.

The company says it is currently focusing on a small product range in order to “bring meat substitutes to the next level”. Grunchy and Holy Cow are described as “next-generation” meat alternatives that “go a significant step further than the traditional first-generation meat substitutes”.

According to Vega Insiders, the products have been developed using advanced technology to replicate the flavour, texture, and appearance of meat. The company claims it does not launch its products until “everything is right”.

The products

Described as “real plant-based bacon”, Grunchy is sold in three varieties: slices, strips, and pre-baked streaky bacon. Made from fava bean protein and sunflower oil, the bacon alternative is available for retail and food service.

Holy Cow is said to be “kebab like you’ve never tasted it before”. The meat alternative has been cut and seasoned like traditional kebab meat, and is made from wheat protein, fava bean protein, and sunflower oil.

Vega Insiders also has a range of “first generation” meat alternatives, including meatballs, burgers, fish fillets, mince, and more.

More than meat substitutes

Vega Insiders will soon be opening an Experience Center so that those interested in its products can sample them. The company also helps other brands to develop their own plant-based products, tailoring them to the desired target group.

“No meat. No concessions. A simple statement that underlines Vega Insiders’ principles,” says the company on its website. “As a producer of vegetarian and vegan meal components, we want to offer more than ‘meat substitutes’. We have a clear mission when developing our products: they must be responsible and healthy, and so tasty that even the die-hard meat eater will be convinced.”

Original source: https://vegconomist.com

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