Protecting female cows and chickens from gendered exploitation by the animal agriculture industry should be seen as a feminist act.

Women cannot be feminists if they drink milk and eat eggs, according to animal rights activists.

In the latest woke backlash against non-vegan diets, campaign group PETA has likened the artificial insemination of dairy cows to the sexual abuse of women. Meanwhile it says female chickens are treated like ‘egg-laying machines’ – an act of sexism which causes reproductive problems.

Women should show solidarity with females of other species if they are true feminists, according to the organisation in a blog published on its website this week entitled ‘You can’t be a feminist if you’re drinking milk and eating eggs.’

It states: ‘The meat, egg, and dairy industries are built on the exploitation of female animals – something that no one should support. Every time you order or request a vegan meal, you’re standing up for females.’

The radical group adds: ‘The denial of animal rights originates in the same supremacist thinking that has obstructed women’s rights.’

Responding to the blog, Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent, said: ‘Peta are obviously hijacking the cultural authority of feminism to validate their attempt to guilt-trip people to change their diet. To achieve their objective they erode the distinction between human and animals and in effect animalise people.’

The latest bids for attention from PETA, which is famous for using naked female celebrities to publicise its campaigns, have included criticising Lego for using farmyard scenes which they claim mislead children about the ‘bloodsoaked’ reality of farming.

It has called for sporting terms like ‘wormburner’ in golf and ‘hot dog’ to be changed because they apparently normalise violence towards animals, and says pets should be called ‘companion animals’ to avoid suggesting they are a commodity.

The new blog says farming is ‘entirely reliant on female exploitation’ with animals being ‘violated without consent’.

On dairy farms, PETA says cows are repeatedly ‘forcibly impregnated’ through artificial insemination, with their calves taken away so they can be milked. Female pigs are also artificially inseminated, with the blog stating: ‘At a time when women are rising up against sexual abuse, PETA is asking everyone to show solidarity with females of ALL species – who each experience fear and pain, just as humans do – and go vegan.’

The activist organisation says chickens can suffer from cysts, infections and tumours because their bodies are forced to produce unnaturally high quantities of eggs.

Meanwhile female pigs are confined to farrowing crates so small they can’t even turn around, to reduce the risk of them crushing their piglets after giving birth.

Toby Young, general secretary of the Free Speech Union, said: ‘Peta have jumped the shark with this latest campaign. The idea of extending women’s rights to other species is completely bonkers. Is Peta intending to police the animal kingdom to make sure that the female of every species has given her express consent before having sex? Good luck with that.’

ADD:In 2018, in the US, PETA put up a billboard with the slogan ‘Face It-You Can’t Claim to Be a Feminist and Still Eat Eggs.’ The advertisement, in San Jose, also stated: ‘Eggs and Dairy Are a Product of the Abuse of Females.’

Original source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk