F1 Racer, Lewis Hamilton, speaks about his dog Roscoe’s vegan diet and how it has made him healthier and happier.

Lewis Hamilton has achieved celebrity for his successes in Formula 1. However, the athlete is also a huge animal lover. The British racing champion has a bulldog named Roscoe that’s a huge part of his life. But unlike most other dogs, Roscoe doesn’t eat meat or any other animal products. Hamilton explains why his dog follows a vegan diet.

Roscoe has been a part of Lewis Hamilton’s family since 2013. The sports star shared that the bulldog is his best friend. “I can confide in him, and he brings me happiness every day. When I go training, he’s sad when I leave. And when I get back, he’s super-happy. It’s a funny interaction,” Hamilton revealed in a 2021 interview for the Dutch children’s news program NOS Jeugdjournaal (via the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team YouTube channel).

Hamilton loves spending time with Roscoe so much that the pooch often accompanies his owner around the world. The bulldog goes to not only Formula 1 races but also glitzy events like the Met Gala.

The F1 champ shared he likes having Roscoe by his side because of the dog’s advanced age. “I try to take him to as many [races] as possible because Roscoe is getting old,” he explained. “I don’t know how long I’ll have him around. So I’m trying to keep him with me everywhere.”

Lewis Hamilton explains why his dog Roscoe is vegan

Hamilton himself is a vegan (he founded the plant-based burger chain Neat Burger), and Roscoe is no different. In a recent Vanity Fair profile, Hamilton explains Roscoe is on a vegan diet primarily for his health.

“He eats quinoa and vegetables every day, and it’s literally changed his life,” Hamilton says. “He’s like a puppy again at 9 years old.”

The Formula 1 champ’s other bulldog died

In addition to owning Roscoe, Lewis Hamilton also had another bulldog, Coco. However, she died in June 2020. Hamilton shared the sad news in a heartfelt social media post.

“Last night at around 9 pm, my beautiful little girl Coco died at home with the family by her side,” Hamilton wrote on Twitter and Instagram. “Her little heart gave in; we think it was a heart attack. I tried to revive her, but it was no use.” He added, “She’d had the best day, happier than I’d seen her in a long time. She was such a special dog, born with so many problems, and I feel so lucky to have adopted her. Her breeder said she was going to have to put her down as she wouldn’t be able to afford all the things she would need to survive. She went through a lot to become the bouncy, lazy, loving dog she was.”

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