The TV personality and celebrity chef is adding Redefine Meat‘s 3d Printed meat to the menus of high end restaurants across UK.

Michelin chef Marco Pierre White, the restaurateur and TV personality often referred to as “the first celebrity chef”, continues his collaboration with Redefine Meat, adding 3D printed lamb and beef to his menus across the UK.

Redefine Meat‘s 3d Printed steaks first launched into White’s Steakhouse Bar and Grill in Plymouth, UK, in February of this year. The chef has now chosen to incorporate the New-Meat™ range, including Redefine Flank (Lamb and Beef), into MPW restaurants — best known for their premium animal-based meat dishes — throughout the UK, appearing on breakfast TV this Monday morning to promote the interesting news.

The Spring Set Menu at MPW restaurants listed below will include a Redefine Ragu alla Bolognese and a Redefine Mr. Lamb’s Shepherd’s Pie, while at the flagship restaurant, Mr White’s in Leicester Square, there is the Redefine Steak with Garlic Butter or Vintage Balsamico, as well as the Redefine Burger, Redefine Macaroni Cheese, and a Redefine Salsiccia pizza.

Marco Pierre White commented on the TV show, “I was a vegan for nine months myself,” and when asked why it was such a short period, he answered, “I didn’t feel satisfied. We didn’t have New-Meat in those days. I was always hungry…I eat this [New-Meat], once or twice a week. It’s really clever.”

Marco Pierre White Restaurants now featuring Redefine Meat’s New-Meat include:

  • Mr White’s (Leicester Square, London)
  • MPW Steakhouse, DoubleTree by Hilton (Bristol)
  • MPW Steakhouse, Hotel Indigo (Liverpool)
  • New York Italian, Yew Lodge Best Western (Kegworth)
  • MPW Steakhouse, Alea Casino Nottingham (Nottingham)
  • MPW Steakhouse, Crowne Plaza (Plymouth)
  • MPW Steakhouse, Hotel Indigo (Durham)
  • MPW Chophouse, New Road Hotel (Whitechapel)
  • MPW Chophouse, Dover Marina (Dover)
  • MPW Steakhouse, Clifton Hotel (Folkestone)
  • MPW Steakhouse, J Shed (Swansea)
  • MPW Steakhouse, The Stones Hotel (Salisbury)

“It’s an honour for us to be working with Marco and now, to be featured on his restaurants’ menus. From the very beginning, we’ve worked alongside chefs with meat expertise and butchers, as they always provide the best feedback for us to better our products,” enthused Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and Co-Founder of Redefine Meat.

Original source: https://vegconomist.com