Long-time vegan and musician, Moby, has released a heart-wrenching music video in criticism of the meat industry’s brutality to animals.

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Moby said: “I try whenever possible to use my platform to address the tragic horrors of meat and dairy production. “I believe the animated video for We’re Going Wrong does this in a heartbreakingly poignant way.”


The 58-year-old says the idea for covering the song came several years ago when he was going through his vinyl records and getting ready to sell them to raise money for a network of plant-based doctors called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

“I was struck by how plaintive and beautiful it was – and how sadly germane it was for the current moment,” he added.

Moby on veganism

Moby is a long term vegan who has been a vocal proponent for living a compassionate lifestyle since 1987.

In an exclusive interview with VFL, Moby, shared the story of how his vegan journey began. Reflecting on his punk rock days with The Vatican Commandos, Moby revealed the pivotal moment that turned him vegan happened during a tour in Akron, Ohio. The band found themselves staying at a vegan squat, an abandoned house inhabited by vegan punk rockers.

“I became a vegan in 1987,” he tells us. “I was first exposed to veganism in 1982, I was playing in a hardcore punk rock band called The Vatican Commandos.“We drove to Akron, Ohio, to play a show in a pizza parlour and we ended up staying at a vegan squat – basically an abandoned house that a bunch of vegan punk rockers were living in.”

In those early years, Moby humorously recalled the struggle with the term “vegan,” often met with confusion at restaurants.

His transition to a fully vegan lifestyle took shape later when he realized the paradox of loving animals while consuming meat. Inspired by the book Diet for a New America by John Robbins, Moby transitioned from vegetarianism to veganism, when he could no longer ignore the sentience and emotional depth of all living beings after living closely with them in a house filled with rescue animal.

“I was playing with one of our rescue cats and all of a sudden, I realised if you recognise that one animal is sentient, has a rich emotional life and wants to do everything in their power to avoid pain and suffering, by extension, you have to realise that’s true for every animal on the planet”, he explained.

Fast forward 35 years and Moby is a vegan icon, activist and producer of the film, Punk Rock Vegan Movie.

Original source: https://www.veganfoodandliving.com

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