Long time vegan and TV star Pamela Anderson will be launching a cooking show called ‘Cooking With Love’ that will spotlight plant-based food.

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is launching her very own plant-based cooking show.The former model turned activist recently announced she’ll be hosting her eponymous show Pamela’s Cooking With Love for Food Network Canada.

According to reports, the show will see the celeb preparing on-screen vegan meals with chefs for her family and friends at her home on Vancouver Island.

A compassionate environment

“Creating elegant and inviting spaces that inspire a compassionate, calm and healthy environment has always been important to me and comes naturally,” Anderson said in a statement.“Corus Studios and I have set mutual goals with good intentions. ‘It’s been a learning curve.’“I am confident they will be a positive partner in helping bring my true vision to life.”

Pamela Anderson on animal rights

Since straying away from the big screen, Anderson has regularly used her platform to advocate for animal rights.

Growing up as a vegetarian and then transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, the actress has fronted many PETA campaigns and has lobbied the UK government to ban the sale of imported fur.Just last year, she launched a range of luxury vegan handbags after partnering with Ashoka Paris.The PETA-approved collection is made using faux leather derived from apple skins. Prices start from £225, with profits being donated to animal protection charities.

Inside each bag features an inspiring message from Pamela, saying: “RESISTE! Inside every beautiful person is an activist wanting to defend the planet”.

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