Here are 10 delicious recipes, including mains, sides and desserts, for your festive, fabulous and flesh-free Thanksgiving dinner.

Vegan Thanksgiving mains

1. Meat-free Meatloaf with Tomato-Maple Glaze

A robust, hearty chickpea meatloaf that will have you going back for seconds! It’s perfect for dinner parties, special occasions or just to impress your meat-eating friends!

AACC MeatloafVegan

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2. The Best Vegan Lasagne by Nora Cooks

Layered with a rich marinara, creamy ricotta, spinach, noodles and topped with ooey-gooey vegan mozzarella cheese. No need to pre-cook the noodles!

AACC VeganLasagne

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3. Vegetable Pot Pies

These are so simple and economical to make! No fake meat here – just fresh vegetables and beans in a brown onion soup, topped with vegan puff pastry. Comfort food (that’s also good for you) at its best!

AACC VegPotPie

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4. Portobello Wellington with Red Wine Gravy

Lou Oates didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving — she was born in London — but she got a crash course in the holiday when she came to the United States to work as a vegan-recipe developer for Whole Foods. “Vegan entrées can get complicated, and I didn’t want to create a dish that would take six hours,” she says. “Ultimately people just want a nice vehicle for gravy!”

AACC PortobelloWellington

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Vegan Thanksgiving Sides

5. Vegan pumpkin and potato bake

This hearty vegan pumpkin and potato bake with lentils is a great fall recipe and a great way to use up all that pumpkin after Halloween! Plus it’s a wonderful comfort meal when the days start getting colder.

AACC PumpkinPotatoBake

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6. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Maple Dijon sauce

Not everyone is a fan of Brussels Sprouts, but we think this recipe will change your mind! Roasted in the oven and then drizzled with a Maple Dijon sauce, making a delicious side dish that even the haters will love.

AACC BrusselsSprouts

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7. Thanksgiving Cornbread Stuffing With Gravy

A vegan version of traditional southern cornbread stuffing!

AACC CornbreadStuffing

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8. Roasted Root Vegetables in Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk, also known as golden milk, is a traditional Indian drink that is gaining worldwide popularity. Roasted root vegetables in this golden milk makes for a delicious and nutritious side dish!

AACC RoastRootVeg

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Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts

9. Easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse

This decadent chocolate mousse is made from a handful of ingredients, including aquafaba – now you’ll have even more reason to save your chickpea water!

AACC VeganMousse

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10. Creamy Coconut Pumpkin Pie by Loving It Vegan

This is the best vegan pumpkin pie ever and the only recipe you’ll ever need! It’s rich, creamy, deliciously spiced and perfect for the holidays.

AACC VeganPumpkinPie

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