Veganuary 2024 brings a delicious wave of nationwide collaborations and specials, with restaurants and brands unveiling exciting new vegan menu items and promotions.

It’s January, which also means it’s Veganuary! A wave of excitement sweeps across the United States, with restaurants, grocers, and food companies unveiling mouthwatering collaborations, promotions, and menu items for the month-long celebration. Veganuary, the global initiative encouraging people to go vegan for January and beyond, is set to surpass last year’s success, having teamed up with numerous companies worldwide to introduce a plethora of new vegan products and dishes.

Restaurant collaborations across the US

Veganuary collaborates with establishments ranging from Divine Chocolate to Salt & Straw, creating a lineup of highly anticipated specials and products. Expect delectable offerings from Just Salad, Rush Bowls, Gyro Shack, Hard Rock Cafe, and more. Pizza lovers can rejoice as Mellow Mushroom, &pizza, and Sizzle Pie join the festivities with special vegan menu items.

“Mellow Mushroom is celebrating Veganuary again this year and bringing back the popular Miss Mushroom vegan pizza, a plant-based favorite,” said Anne Mejia, VP Brand Development at Mellow Mushroom. “Mellow Mushroom has long embraced veganism and other dietary lifestyle choices and needs, and Veganuary is the perfect opportunity for people to discover just how delicious eating a plant-based diet can be.”

US brands rallying behind Veganuary

Supportive campaigns urging customers to partake in Veganuary 2024 are underway. Wicked Kitchen, Greenleaf Foods, New Seasons Market, London Drugs, Hart House, Jimbo’s in Southern California, Ritter Sport, Vitacost, and others are leveraging in-store promotions and social media to encourage their audience to embrace a plant-based lifestyle.

Guy Burgstahler, Business Lead at Vitacost, said, “Vitacost is excited to celebrate this ever-growing ‘holiday’ with special offers and inspiring content to help participants and anyone else interested in eating more plant-based.”

‘Vote for Veggies’ PSA: A call to action

Veganuary kicks off 2024 with a compelling PSA titled ‘Vote for Veggies,’ featuring the resonant voice of Ryan Eggold. The video encourages viewers to choose vegetables to address issues such as emissions reduction, improved health, lower food bills, animal protection, and healthier ecosystems. It invites everyone to create a happier, healthier, and more sustainable future by embracing a vegan lifestyle.

Global support for a vegan lifestyle

Endorsed by environmentalists, athletes, and celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix and DeAndre Jordan, Veganuary continues to make strides in promoting a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle. As the world anticipates the vegan revolution of Veganuary 2024, individuals, businesses, and communities join forces to embrace the rich and diverse world of plant-based living.

A YouGov study commissioned by Veganuary reveals that 71% of all US adults aspire to eat more vegetables in 2024. To support this goal, Veganuary provides participants with daily plant-based recipes, nutrition guides, budget meal plans, and access to discounts. The organization’s first official cookbook, featuring 100 vegan recipes, is also available.

Veganuary is free to join! Sign up today at Veganuary.com.

Original source: https://vegoutmag.com

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