Plans for a new Jacksonville slaughterhouse have been withdrawn after opposition from activists and residents.

On 18th April 2024, the Jacksonville Planning Commission public hearing received a surprise announcement by Mohammad Faisal, owner of Apna Bazar (also trading as Apna Bazaar and Apna Jax) withdrawing his application for electric, sewer, water service and a zoning exception part of his proposal to build a new slaughterhouse in Jacksonville, Florida, US.

The vegan and animal protection groups In Defense of Animals, Plant Based Treaty, Solutionary Species, and community residents celebrated this win after joining forces to oppose this proposal.

Lisa Levinson, Campaigns Director for In Defense of Animals, said, “The slaughterhouse was still in the permitting process, so we had a unique opportunity to speak out against it. When Stacie Colbert contacted our animal activist support line for help, we knew we had to act fast. We reached out to our allies to support her efforts to stop the slaughterhouse from being built. We are delighted to have helped prevent environmental pollution, hazardous traffic, and the screams of suffering animals from destroying this peaceful residential neighbourhood.”

Malaina Watts, US Liaison and Campaigner for Plant Based Treaty, said, “This victory goes to show that people have the power to make a difference by showing up and speaking out against these unnecessary facilities. We are living in a time when we should be phasing out animal agriculture and switching to plant-based food systems, to make crucial changes necessary for our health and the future of our planet and all those that we share it with.”

Shannon Blair, President of Solutionary Species, said, “We are overjoyed that our voices, united in purpose and number, have successfully protected the animals and this community from a horrific new murdering facility being erected. This victory reminds us all of the powerful impact we can have when we stand together. Let it be a resounding message that active participation and collective action are not only vital but truly effective. Together, we can shape the future we desire!”

Original source: https://veganfta.com

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