Swedish actor and martial artist, Dolph Lundgren, told TV host, Piers Morgan, on the British TV show “Good Morning Britain”  that he is now vegan.

The star of “Rocky IV” (1985) and “The Expendables” franchise is known for his physique and when asked what his secret was for looking “fantastic” at 62, Lundgren replied that he has been trying out veganism.

The Swedish actor told presenters that he’s feeling healthier after trying the diet for a month. Lundgren added that watching his friend and “Expendables” co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 documentary “The Game Changers” is what prompted him to experiment with a plant-based diet.

“The Game Changers” focuses on the elite special forces trainer and martial artist James Wilks. In the film, he speaks to other athletes and questions whether meat is actually the best form of protein. According to Wilks, many athletes are switching to plant-based food for its many health benefits.

The star talked about enjoying several health improvements, including reduced fatigue and a “more constant” level of blood sugar. While not entirely vegan, Schwarzenegger is a proponent of plant-based food.

Lundgren also joked with Morgan about enjoying a “15 percent” improvement in sexual performance since going vegan – something else that is addressed in “The Game Changers.”

When asked whether he will stay vegan, Lundgren simply said, “I like it.” He added that he feels lighter now and that a vegan bodybuilding diet is more fun than “boring” chicken and rice. “You can have a little more fun with your diet as a vegan,” said Lundgren. “You can have those Beyond Burgers.”

Original source: www.livekindly.co