Actress Alicia Silverstone reveals that going vegan helped her to heal from past experiences and love herself more.

Alicia Silverstone revealed through her newest passion project that even though her journey to self-love was difficult, she credits going vegan to be an enormous factor in loving herself.

On March 10, during the first full-length episode of her new podcast The Real Heal, Silverstone sat down with licensed clinical social worker Mary Waldon to talk about a plethora of subjects – including her journey to self-love.

She said, “My life changed a lot. I had a lot of trauma and a lot of difficulties and a complex upbringing. All of those things left me with – well, whatever you want to call it – I had very little self-worth, I would say, and very little self-love. And so, here I was, this person out in the world and in the public but with very little foundation.”

Silverstone also opened up that she was raised to think that any self-work was considered “selfish” — but then she found veganism. “I loved animals so much that I couldn’t face eating them. When I made this choice, my health changed and now things started to get so much healthier inside of me that I was able to hear my intuition.”

Many stars have opened up about their similar journeys going vegan and we love Silverstone is being so candid about her healing experiences.

The Clueless star announced her podcast The Real Heal through her Instagram, in an adorable video saying it would premiere in one week. She captioned it saying, “Verified I’m starting a new podcast… and it’s coming next week!!! I can’t wait for everyone to hear The Real Heal when it premieres [on] March 10th!! This podcast is dedicated to healing ourselves, our communities, and our planet (and to inspire healthy living, too!). I won’t give too much away, but here’s a sneak peek of what (and who!) to expect on #TheRealHeal… @iHeartRadio @frqncymedia.”

Original source: https://www.sheknows.com