The vegan actress said animal agriculture is destroying the planet and shared her top tips on living more sustainably while helping reverse some of the damage.

The actor, who is best-known for her starring role in the iconic 90s film Clueless, took to Instagram to make her sustainable suggestions.

In her post, she looked at some of the environmental catastrophes the world is facing, including rampant fires in the Amazon, species disappearing before our eyes, glaciers melting, polluted waters and plastic-filled oceans.

“How can you do your part to turn this thing around? Here are some easy tips to live more sustainably,” she wrote.

Animal agriculture

Silverstone’s first tip was to avoid single-use plastics. She suggested using reusable items including a water bottle, straw, cutlery, containers, and shopping bags instead, describing the change as ‘fun’.

She also suggested ditching animal products, or reducing them, saying: “Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, species extinction, ocean dead zones, deforestation and habitat destruction.”

Sustainable fashion

Finally, Silverstone recommended that people should shop consciously. “The fashion industry can be super wasteful and highly pollutive (factory smokestacks, textile dyes waste polluting nearby waterways, plastic wrapping, shipping…),” she wrote.

“Support second-hand thrift stores! You can find chic vintage looks and save money. If you are seeking something new, there are increasingly more and more brands driven by sustainability and have lovely eco clothes.”