If you have ever thought about going vegan, here is a guide to help you see why choosing veganism is so important and show you how to get started.

Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is oftentimes easier said than done. Many start out by recognizing it would be a great lifestyle change for them before realizing that it does take a lot of work to completely swap out an omnivore diet for a plant-based one. That’s not to say it’s impossibly by any means but it will take a commitment and for many, it can be a slow-going process before they’re fully vegan.

So how can this transition be made easier? With a few simple tips, making the switch to a veggie lover’s haven doesn’t need to be so daunting or feel as frustrating. With so many companies and brands catering to a meat-free lifestyle – along with plenty of social media support – there’s no reason to fear the change. It’s time to embrace a life of plant-based eating! Here are a few easy ways to get the process going.

Consider going vegetarian first

Rather than undergoing an extreme change in diet like switching from eating meat to vegan overnight, considering eradicating meat in steps. Trying a vegetarian lifestyle is good for multiple reasons: For starters, it will allow a person to adjust both mentally and physically to using more plant-based options in their daily meals.

This also means things such as eggs and cheese (and even fish, for those who want to try being pescatarian) don’t need to be pushed aside right away. This will open up a world of options as far as dressing up vegetables and getting some much-needed probiotics and protein in there. Lastly, this will give a potential vegan time to explore the lifestyle a bit more, play around with vegan options, and try new recipes or dishes.

Try swapping out one meaty meal a day and then slowly increasing it to three

Not crazy about doing it all in one swoop? No problem! Try swapping out breakfast, lunch, or dinner first – that way, a vegan lifestyle can be taken on in thirds rather than all at once. Swapping out breakfast can be done easily with the use of meat-alternative breakfast meats and egg alternatives, also with the use of vegan cheese.

Lunch is a fun way to experiment without too much pressure especially with so many snacks and meal recipes out there to try. When it finally comes time to swap out dinner for a meatless option, potential vegans will almost be pros! Or converted veggie lovers, at least.

Explore the world of plant-based foods, including meat alternatives

Even fast-food chains have begun implementing a meatless option, such as Burger King with its Impossible Burger. ‘Meats’ such as Beyond Meat are also great alternatives to the actual meat and won’t make a person feel as though they’re missing that steak or beefy texture. Additionally, veggie burgers are an even healthier option. Brands such as MorningStar Farms offer a wide variety of veggie burgers, veggie sausage, and others, so you can be sure they’re packed with protein and fibre.

Both of these things are incredibly important when it comes to making the switch to a vegan lifestyle since, without meat, it’s important to get protein from other plant-based sources. Making veggie burgers from scratch is also a fun thing to try, in addition to trying meaty fruits and vegetables such as jackfruit and eggplant.

It’s not just a lifestyle – it’s a mentality for many

For many people, being vegan isn’t just a food compromise, it’s a compromise in every aspect of their lives. Swapping out meat for plant-based proteins is one thing but it’s another to live a ‘vegan lifestyle,’ and include things such as sustainable, animal-free clothing and cruelty free products. By means of cutting meat out of a diet, it also means cutting animal products and testing out of every other aspect of their lives, too. Of course, this isn’t an option for everyone and it’s not necessary to have a vegan diet.

This is where the trend #MeatlessMonday came from (which is also a great way to begin a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle). In fact, many people consider veganism due to the fact that they’ve watched documentaries or read about some type of animal testing or harvesting.

Everyone chooses their own vegan lifestyle for their own reasons whether it be personal health, personal beliefs, or simply wanting to make the world a bit less of an animal-based place. And going vegan can be far easier than you realise, especially with so many new-age options and alternatives.

Original source: https://www.thetravel.com