The BBC documentary, A Cow’s Life: The True Cost of Milk?, has had people taking to social media to declare their intention to go dairy-free. 

Shocked by the distressing footage in the documentary, people are taking to social media to declare their intention to go dairy-free, resulting in #GoVegan trending on Twitter.

Finding the footage hard to watch, one commenter wrote: “I had to turn #acowslife off. It was too distressing. What is wrong with people that they can be so cruel to defenceless animals? How can humans be so cold and brutal. #Panorama”. Another added: “Feel like a lot of people who watched #Panorama tonight might finally understand why vegans are vegan.”

One commenter pointed out that “Paying more for cows milk will not stop the cruelty. If you can kick a cow repeatedly while it is recumbent and whack a cow in the face with a shovel an extra penny a pint won’t change you. Buying dairy pays for the cruelty #GoVegan #Panorama”.

Weighing in with his thoughts on the BBC documentary, Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan tweeted: “Just watched #ACowsLife the true cost of milk on #panorama anyone who wants to understand why the dairy industry is disgusting, inhumane & careless should watch it.”

Watch A Cow’s Life: The True Cost of Milk? here

Backlash from farmers

Unsurprisingly, farmers have slammed the BBC documentary, branding it ‘sensationalist’ and an inaccurate portrayal of Britain’s dairy industry.

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) has responded to the claims made in the programme, saying it was ‘disappointed’ with the BBC due to the show’s ‘sensationalism’. According to the charity’s managing director, Matt Knight, the UK dairy sector operated to some of the highest welfare standards in the world. “We are sad the BBC has chosen to highlight one farm where inexcusable abuse was witnessed, as this is not representative of our industry,” he added.

Despite their attempts to hide the truth about what happens behind closed doors in the dairy industry by promoting the bucolic ideal of cows frolicking freely in fields, many more people are now aware of the horrors facing cows every day thanks to the documentary.

Original source: https://www.veganfoodandliving.com