A BBC documentary investigates to impact that the Animal Agriculture sector has on our planet and the environment, Presenter Liz Bonnin  traveled around the globe on what the broadcaster has described as an ‘ambitious and sometimes dangerous mission’ to discover the truth

The documentary, Meat: A Threat To Our Planet, has features presenter, Liz Bonnin, visiting Texan megafarms, as well as the Amazon rainforest, where she discovers how beef farming is a leading cause of deforestation.

However, the documentary was removed following complaints from the National Farmers Union claiming it was biased. The BBC has come under fire after removing the documentary on climate change.

Intensive farming

The BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) responded to the complaint saying the documentary did not meet its standards of impartiality in relation to controversial subjects. It said the program only provided a ‘partial analysis’ of the environmental impact of livestock farming and was ‘based almost exclusively on intensive farming methods’.

The ECU did not draw attention to how an estimated 73 percent of farmed animals in the U.K are kept in factory farms – with close to 800 U.S-style mega-farms operating across the nation. According to Compassion In World Farming, there has also been a 26 percent increase in intensive animal farming in Britain in the last six years.

Eco-friendly farming

A petition calling for the documentary to be reinstated has already surfaced online, attracting nearly 5000 signatures at the time of writing.

“The BBC has given into lobbying by the NFU who complained that it did not show enough eco-friendly farming,” the petition states. “The program was extremely informative and looked at industrial farming around the world which is a threat to our planet and climate change.”

Original source: https://plantbasednews.org