Pop singer, Billie Eilish, takes to Instagram to announce her collaboration with Nike to produce 100{85424e366b324f7465dc80d56c21055464082cc00b76c51558805a981c8fcd63} vegan Air Jordan sneakers.

As she embarks on a two-shoe collaboration with Jordan Brand, Billie Eilish riffs on her own precious childhood memories, individual style, and ethical beliefs, creating something that is – as a whole – an “ode to [herself].”

The Air Jordan 15, specifically, holds a very special place in the singer’s heart as it’s been a personal favorite since learning about the brand. When much younger, Eilish begged for a pair; and when she finally had them in-hand, the shoe was looked at as “if they were a million dollars.” In contrast, the Air Jordan 1 KO serves more of an aesthetic purpose, its shape praised by Eilish for complementing everything from skirts to shorts. Down to the color and details, the AJKO and AJ15 are unmistakably her, both finished with the logo Eilish drew up at the young age of 15.

Sustainability plays a big role here as well. Like the artist herself, both shoes are vegan, bereft of any animal product at all. What’s more, they’re made of over 20{85424e366b324f7465dc80d56c21055464082cc00b76c51558805a981c8fcd63} recycled material, moving the Swoosh closer to the “zero” they’re currently working towards.

Enjoy another look at Billie Eilish’s Air Jordan 15 and Air Jordan 1 KO below. A release will land first via store.billieeilish.com on 9/27, predating a Nike SNKRS launch on 9/30.

Original source: https://sneakernews.com