The German car manufacturer has begun using vegan leather in its 5-series cars in a bid to contribute to fighting climate change.

Luxury German automobile company, BMW’s 5-Series cars, will now boast of the ‘highest grade and quality’. According to the company, most 5-Series cars sold around the world will now feature Sensatec leatherette seats, a cruelty-free material that BMW has been using for years.

Soft and breathable

Thomas Majchrzak, a car journalist, posting a review of the seat’s material on Instagram, wrote: “BMW’s… animal-free Sensatec leatherette seats with the highest grade and quality so far even exceed the feeling, comfort and haptics of animal-based material.

“Perforated and thus passively breathable, quilted structure for the sports seats, soft and plush, yet cruelty-free.”

“A big win for all animals, humans harmed in the tanning process, the environment and for our years-long effort to change the industry for the better. ‘What really matters is that we make an effective contribution to environmental and climate protection here and now.”

Effective contribution

While the 5-Series is not electric, market analysts speculate an all-electric version is set to debut in 2023.

According to BMW group’s chairman of the Board of Management, Oliver Zipse, the company is increasingly moving towards electric car production. “In 2019, we delivered more than 146,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids to customers worldwide,” he said.

“A quarter of the vehicles we sell in Europe should be electrified by 2021; a third in 2025 and a half in 2030,” he added.


Meanwhile, BMW is also reportedly launching a luxury electric SUV called iNEXT in 2021. The iNEXT considered a response to a competitor and popular electric luxury maker Tesla, will feature vegan-friendly interiors and a range of stargazing features.

Original source: https://www.totallyveganbuzz.com