An environmentally conscious school in Uganda has gone vegan in a commitment to combat zoonotic diseases.

Uganda has opened its first-ever vegan school to combat zoonotic diseases and teach children about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Established by charity foreign aid charity LUV4All, Atlas Community School originally opened in 2018. However, the charity was evicted from its rented premises in early 2022 and has relied on donations to re-open the initiative.

It now has compost latrines and some temporary classrooms, but continues to fundraise to help pay salaries for teachers and school equipment.

Vegan school in Uganda

The new school aims to break the ‘cycle of extreme cruelty and disease’ caused by animal agriculture – and ‘teach a new generation of Ugandans that there is a better way’.

Students will learn standard subjects including literacy and numeracy, as well as how to grow their own fruits and vegetables and make healthy plant-based meals.

Preventing ‘world crises’

“We believe, as we witness world crises which are completely preventable… We have to teach our children a better way forward,” the school states. “Farmed animals in Uganda are completely unprotected. Grazing on whatever they can find in the forests, they are often injured by wild animals and bitten by snakes. Many are so neglected they are almost starved.”

Zoonotic diseases

The vegan school also points out how Uganda suffers with many infectious diseases from eating and producing animal products.

“Tape worms are common in children, and zoonotic pathogens like brucellosis frequently infect people,” it wrote online. “There’s bird flu every year, and sleeping sickness caused by the insects which farmed animals attract. “And then came covid-19: the latest zoonotic disease to plague the world’s human population. But, you know it won’t be the last. Or the worst.”

Original source: https://www.veganfoodandliving.com