The sudden death of cricketing great Shane Warne puts a spotlight on lifestyles. His one-time doctor stated that he likely had heart disease.

Shane was a lifelong heavy smoker, and he regularly consumed either white buns with butter and lasagne stuffed in the middle, or he would be having black and green juices. He also purportedly hated vegetables. So really, a heart attack should have come as no surprise. His former doctor has revealed the cricket legend’s heart problems were coming for a long time.

Dr. Peter Brukner – who was Warne’s long-time physician in his role as the Australian men’s cricket team doctor – said Warne likely had heart disease towards the end of his life.

Warne’s family has revealed he had been suffering from heart troubles and asthma in the weeks leading up to his death and had also completed a 14-day liquid-only diet.

Brukner now says Warne’s issues were predictable. “Warnie, if he had heart disease, which sounds like he did, you know, that didn’t happen overnight in Thailand,” he said in an interview with Triple M Perth. “It’s been happening for 20, 30 years from smoking, poor diet, etc, etc.”

If only he had taken better care of his health and adopted a healthier, plant-based diet, rather than his standard junk food diet.. ‘Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia – and worldwide, including in the United States, where two in 10 people who die of heart disease are aged under 65.

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Marda de Wet