Darwin College, a constituent college of the University of Cambridge, has announced its traditional May Ball is going vegan.

Darwin College’s May Ball which is a 200 year old tradition will be a completely vegan affair this year for the first time in its history.

The luxury Black Tie event, which costs £150 to attend, has been held annually for nearly 200 years. But, for the first time since its debut in the 1830s, organisers have agreed to serve guests exclusively plant-based food.

Vegan May Ball

According to The Times, a spokesperson for the college said: “This year’s ball is going to be Darwin’s greenest yet… A plant-based menu is paramount to the successful realisation of this aim.  “We consider this to be an opportunity to showcase the diversity and ingenuity of vegan cuisine.”

Organisers added that they wanted to demonstrate how ‘to throw a world-class party while minimising environmental impact’

University of Cambridge goes green

The announcement comes after Cambridge University’s Students’ Union voted in favour of removing animal products from their offerings in favour of an all-vegan menu. Almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of non-abstaining student representatives voted in favour of the motion following a four-week consultation process.

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, William Smith, 24, from Plant-Based Universities Cambridge said: “By removing animal products from its menus, the University could significantly reduce its environmental impact and showcase to the world its commitment to sustainability.  The University Catering Services has already made important strides. For example, in 2016 when it removed beef and lamb from all its menus. We look forward to working with them on the next necessary steps.”

The Darwin May Ball will take place on 23 June.

Original source: https://www.veganfoodandliving.com