Dutch dairy giant, Boermarke, has announced it will be turning its operations fully plant-based and moving towards a more sustainable production model.

The heritage company, which was established in 1987, initially launched a dairy-free line called Vairy in 2015. Among the products on offer initially were coconut yoghurts, with vegan cheeses and ice cream made from a range of plant milk bases joining the range in the following years. Since then, in the last two years, the Netherlands has seen an increase in sales of dairy alternatives.

At the same time, conventional milk has seen a drop in sales, prompting Boermarke to announce it will pivot to plant-based. Green Queen reports that the company plans to ‘spin off its dairy division and launch its vegan lineup across Europe by 2026’.


As it slowly moves towards fully plant-based production, the brand will reportedly retain all 180 of its employees. Its vegan line will continue to be sold under its Vairy label, as well as via supermarket private-label offerings.

Describing itself on its website, the brand writes: “Boermarke is characterised by producing the tastiest (plant-based) dairy alternatives. In addition to the many types of ice cream, custard, yoghurt, mousse, porridge, cottage cheese and fruit products, our company in Twente also makes plant-based cheese, yoghurt and ice cream. Our range contains something for everyone. Boermarke makes, delivers and develops on behalf of you! Flexibility will therefore always be one of our core values.”

It also describes how, when it started operations in 1987, its dairy-based products made from milk from its own farm were very popular. But, it added: “Because the market has changed rapidly, Boermarke has also stepped in to produce plant-based products. This has been a groundbreaking choice, giving an absolute boost to retail success.”

Original source: https://www.veganfoodandliving.com