The acclaimed activist is releasing his first ever book, unearthing years of research on the myriad of reasons to go vegan for animals, health, and the environment.

Renowned animal rights activist Ed Winters, aka Earthling Ed, is debuting his first book, promising to provide the ‘full lowdown’ on the meat industry.

Upon the launch announcement, This Is Vegan Propaganda & Other Lies the Meat Industry Tells You is an amalgamation of Winters’ years of conversations with leading experts.

Aimed at both vegans and non-vegans, the book is set to expose not only the meat industry but the global impact of animal exploitation. Moreover, it’s a ‘definitive explanation for the importance of veganism’, Winters told PBN in a statement. He added: “My aim is for the book to give readers the knowledge to understand veganism better, the arguments used against it – and how to respond to them. I wrote This Is Vegan Propaganda to create a book about veganism that is important for everyone to read.”


First of all, it will explore the ethics of veganism, from moral philosophy to an investigation into animal agriculture. Next, it delves into how animal farming affects our health and the environment on a global scale. It also brings the COVID-19 pandemic into perspective, examining infectious disease and antibiotic resistance.

Winters’ book has already been dubbed ‘essential reading’ by the best-selling author Matt Haig. And, received support from Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch. Additionally, it’s been backed by Havard University lecturer Dr. Sparsha Saha who was ‘deeply impressed’ by Winters’ logic and knowledge.

The ‘comprehensive breakdown’ on the many reasons for going vegan is to be published by Penguin Random House.

Samantha Jackson, of the acclaimed global publishing house, said: “From debating with farmers on the ethics of the meat, dairy and egg industries to giving lectures at Harvard University on animal ethics, vegan educator and public speaker, Ed Winters works tirelessly to help people make informed decisions and challenge the status quo.

“We are so excited to be publishing his first book. Designed to empower readers and shed light on the true scale and complexity of animal exploitation. Whether you are a vegan already or curious to learn more, this book will show you the other side of the story that has been hidden for far too long.”

You can pre-order This Is Vegan Propaganda here, or find it in bookstores on 6 January, 2022.

Original source: https://plantbasednews.org