The world’s first all vegan Burger King will open its doors in London offering customers a long list of favourites that are good for the planet. 

Burger King will open it’s first ever entirely vegan branch next week – serving plant-based versions of it’s most famous dishes.

The US chain will serve no meat in its Leicester Square flagship restaurant from 14th March to 10th April as part of a month-long takeover. The restaurant – which has also undergone a redesign transformation fit for the occasion will showcase Burger King’s full menu of favourites, made completely meat-free.

Alongside much-loved heroes such as the Plant-based Whopper® and Vegan Royale, diners will also get an exclusive taste of over 15 ground-breaking new items. In a fast-food first, a ‘Cheeeze & Bakon’ burger is set to be the crowning glory of the restaurant’s innovative new menu, with a Plant-based Bakon Double Cheeeze XL and Vegan Cheeeze & Bakon Royale being launched for the first time ever, taking the place of their meaty equivalents the Bacon Double XL and Chicken Royale Bacon & Cheese.

Other mouth-watering options headed to the meat-free restaurant include the Vegan Nugget Burger, a Plant-based Double Cheeezeburger, Plant-based Cheeeze & Bakon Whopper®, as well as scrumptious sides such as Vegan Chilli Cheeeze Bites. The newly launched plant-based and vegan Katsu range, available nationwide for a limited-time-only, will also be available at the restaurant. In another first of its kind, Burger King has also announced a meat-free menu for kids.

The fast-food chain has even said it will be keeping an eye on the most popular items on the menu, with a view to making some of them nationally available in the future.

Burger King has opened the meat-free restaurant to offer a wider and better choice for vegan, vegetarians, flexitarians, and meat-eaters alike, and follows years of development alongside the Vegan Society to guarantee the meat-free menu matches up to the same iconic flame-grilled flavour of its meat counterparts. The new meat-free restaurant will only be open for one month, meaning burger fans will have to get in quick to try the one-of-a-kind menu before it’s gone.

Katie Evans, from Burger King UK told FEMAIL: ‘We’re incredibly proud of our new meat-free menu; it absolutely delivers on big taste with no compromises and reflects our ongoing commitment to serving our customers a diverse and innovative range of products. The limited-edition menu is a direct result of our focus on vegan and plant-based innovation and goes hand in hand with our target of a 50 per cent meat-free menu by 2030, as well as our commitment to sustainability and responsible business. We can’t think of a more fitting way to re-launch our new-look flagship in Leicester Square.”

Full Leicester Square meat-free menu

  • Vegan Nugget Burger
  • Vegan Royale
  • Vegan Cheeeze & Bakon Royale
  • Vegan Cheeeze Royale
  • Vegan Katsu Royale
  • Plant-based Katsu Chilli Whopper®
  • Plant-based Whopper®
  • Plant-based Cheeeze Whopper®
  • Plant-based Cheeeze & Bakon Whopper®
  • Plant-based Whopper Jr®
  • Plant-based Cheeeze Whopper Jr®
  • Plant-based Hamburger
  • Plant-based Cheeezeburger
  • Plant-based Double Cheeezeburger
  • Plant-based Bakon Double Cheeezeburger
  • Plant-based Bakon Double Cheeeze XL
  • Plant-Based Double Whopper®
  • Plant-based King Jr® Hamburger Meal
  • Plant-based King Jr® Cheeezeburger Meal
  • Vegan King Jr® Nugget Meal
  • Vegan Fries
  • Vegan Nuggets
  • Vegan Chilli Cheeeze bites
  • Plant-based Onion Rings
  • Ben & Jerry’s® Cookie on Cookie Dough Non-Dairy Ice Cream

The restaurant chain has committed to reducing emissions including those from purchased goods and services, capital distribution and waste generated in operations and franchises, with the new Leicester Square store being an example of this.

Dawn Carr, from PETA added: “PETA applauds the UKs first all-vegan Burger King – a whopping great step in the right direction for animals and the environment. The planet needs a game-changing shift away from meat to combat the climate emergency, and Burger King is leading the way. We love its expanding meat-free range: from the Vegan Royale to the Vegan Nuggets, these plant-powered, protein-packed meals appeal to both vegans and meat-eaters!”

Laura Iliffe, from The Vegetarian Butcher added: “At The Vegetarian Butcher, we believe that plant-based foods should be just as tasty as meat and our juicy range of meat-free products prove just that – showing that consumers don’t need to sacrifice a thing when making a plant-based switch. By powering Burger King’s plant-based offering and first meat-free restaurant in Leicester Square with our Plant-based Whopper, Vegan Nuggets and Vegan Royale – all of which are available nationwide – we’re providing meat-lovers the chance to cut-down meat without compromising on taste. We challenge you to taste the difference!”

The Leicester Square meat-free restaurant opens 14th March and will be available throughout the month until 10th April.

To celebrate the restaurant going fully meat-free, Burger King UK is donating 10p to Trees for Cities for every Plant-based Whopper or Vegan Royale sold nationally during the four weeks of opening.

Original source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/