Amid climate change concerns the environmental organisation Greenpeace proposes a change in diet through agricultural policy to lessen the amount of meat consumed in the EU. It has only been fairly recently that this organization has adopted this stance. 

Previously they did not endorse this policy as can be seen in the documentary Cowspiracy where they were not prepared to make a statement that animal agriculture was a huge contributor to greenhouse gases.

Environmental organization Greenpeace is now calling for a 71 percent decrease in meat consumption to help tackle the climate crisis.

Greenpeace is urging those who live within the European Union to eat no more than 460 grams of meat each week. The average EU citizen currently consumes 1.58 kilograms of meat weekly.

The environmental group has warned that these targets must be met by 2030 in order to reduce the impact of animal agriculture on climate change.

“The Science Is Overwelming”

“The science is overwhelming at this stage,” said Sini Eräjää, EU agriculture and forest campaigner at Greenpeace.

“Overconsumption of meat and dairy is wrecking forests, crushing nature, and heating the planet.”

Greenpeace has further suggested that the EU should work towards an 81 percent drop in eating animal products by 2050.

Greenpeace & Climate Change

Greenpeace is campaigning to highlight the dangers that the meat and dairy industries cause to the environment.

“Globally to control the current ecological crisis we are facing, we would need to cut by half until 2050,” explained Eräjää.

“Ensure Farmers Have The Support”

“Decision-makers are discussing the common agricultural policy. We are calling on them to ensure farmers have the support they need for the massive transitions that we need to make.”

“We have a lot of money going into the agricultural sector and that needs to be used to support the transition that we need.”

Original source: https://raisevegan.com/