On 1 January 2021, condiment brand Hellmann’s will launch three new flavours of vegan mayonnaise at retailers across the United Kingdom. 

In time for Veganuary, the brand – which currently offers original Vegan Mayo–is bulking up its vegan options with Garlic, Chipotle, and Baconnaise flavors of mayonnaise which will be available at Asda, Ocado, and Amazon Fresh.

These will certainly make the month-long challenge to go vegan in January a lot easier.

Bacon, but make it vegan

Hellmann’s created Baconnaise to provide a vegan alternative for Brits who consume bacon. In a recent survey, the brand found that 84 percent of Brits self-identified as “bacon-lovers” and one third of respondents were tempted by bacon to quit their Veganuary pledge to go vegan throughout January.

To promote its new vegan Baconnaise, Hellmann’s is giving away 250 jars to any UK resident that can prove that their last name is “Bacon.” The brand is also sending 80 jars of vegan Baconnaise to residents who live on Bacon streets across the UK.

“We know just how bacon-hungry our nation is, so we figured we couldn’t hide this one from our British fans any longer. And who better to try our all-new bacon-flavoured vegan mayo first than those that share the name of our all-time favourite meat?”

Rachel Chambers, senior marketing manager at Hellmann’s UK and Ireland, told Wales Online. “We’re like pigs in mud with our new Baconnaise, and the just-as-tasty Chipotle and Garlic spreads. We can’t wait for UK consumers to taste it for themselves – especially at a time when the bacon cravings might be hitting the most.”

Original source: https://vegnews.com