Dubai is experiencing a flourishing vegan market, according to the company House of Vegan Dubai which delivers vegan meals to the city.

Darren Awol, House of Vegan Dubai chief executive officer, said to Arabian Business that the company first emerged as a fresh fast-food concept with an urban twist. He added, “I believe that food is not just nourishment for the body, but also for the soul. Our brand is committed to creating delicious and wholesome plant-based options that not only satisfy your taste buds but also support your health and the environment.”

Awol started his journey into the food industry by launching a vegan restaurant near Croydon, UK, called CariVegan, which specialises in Caribbean vegan cuisine. However, after travelling to Dubai and experiencing the health-conscious community there, he decided to expand his vegan food business to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). House of Vegan operates their delivery-only service from kitchens in JLT & Damac, and have launched their food truck at Damac Hills.

House of Vegan uses fresh fruit and vegetables, plant-based proteins, and ingredients like quinoa, bulgar, plantain, coconut dumplings, and pumpkin. Highlights from their menu include their hearty Thai Green Curry, indulgent K.F.V (Kentucky Fried Oyster Mushrooms), Mac No Cheese, smoothie bowls, and burgers.

Dubai’s vibrant lifestyle has a thriving fitness community that contributes to the city’s appeal as a hub for vegan food.

The rise of this vegan eatery in Dubai is not the only vegan initiative in the city making it to the international news space. Last year, Dubai’s first bilingual International Baccalaureate School, The Swiss International School Dubai, became the first to use vegan shoes as part of all its students’ uniforms. Based in Al Jadaf, the school uses Thaely‘s sustainable Y2K Pro trainers as the official shoes of the uniform.

Original source: https://veganfta.com