This week, Canadian singer Bryan Adams took to Instagram to encourage his fans to better understand the extent of human exploitation of animals in every industry.

Adams shared a popular animated video created by United Kingdom-based illustrator Steve Cuts and captioned it “the most dangerous creature on earth.” The video depicts a human dropping down onto the earth 500,000 years ago and carelessly walking through various scenes where innocent animals greet him before he turns them into commodities—a moving depiction of how humans casually exploit reptiles for their skins, seals for their fur coats, elephants for ivory piano keys, wild animals for entertainment, and farmed animals for food, while polluting the planet along the way.

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Adams has been vegan for 30 years and after turning 60 in 2019, credited his plant-based diet for his youthful appearance. “When I first stopped eating animal products, everyone thought it was a phase,” Adams said in a recent Instagram post. “That was 30 years ago. And in the beginning I wasn’t sure I’d get everything I needed from plants. I’d been brainwashed like most of society to believe that we needed to eat animals. But we simply don’t.”

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