A few days ago we heard that pet owners in China were asking vets to euthanise their pets because of fears of the Coronavirus infection. Some were even throwing their pets from high buildings to their deaths. People were scathing about the Chinese and how barbaric and ignorant their actions were. Now, we have the same thing happening in Australia.

Now, as panic grows in Australia over coronavirus, pet owners are asking vets to euthanise their animals even though the WHO has said that dogs are unable to spread the virus to humans.

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic in St Peters, in Sydney’s inner west has received three calls in just two weeks from owners asking to have their pets put down.

Many are fearing that their animals will come into contact with the disease which could then infect them and their families.

However, the World Health Organisation said there is no reason for concern as the virus is unable to spread from dogs to humans.

Jonathan Ball, professor of molecular virology at the University of Nottingham, said: ‘There is no evidence that the human novel coronavirus can infect dogs and it would be incredible for a virus to make so many species jumps in such a short space of time.

Dr Sam Kovac who works as a vet at the Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic has refused to put down any animals

‘The last thing we need to do is create mass hysteria about the possibility of dogs being infected, and therefore potentially transmitting this virus when there is absolutely no evidence for this whatsoever.’

Dr Sam Kovac who works at the St Peters vet said despite the requests he has refused to euthanise anyone’s animal.

‘If you’d ask the same clients if they’d euthanise their grandma, they’d say no. Why have a pet and treat it differently to how you’d treat another family member?’ he told¬†10 Daily.

‘If my dog Clara had been infected with [COVID-19], I would isolate her, I would wear protective equipment while interacting with her and feeding her and isolate her for a few weeks.’

Dr Kovac also noted that the common coronavirus seen in dogs was not the same as the one causing a global epidemic.

He said he was worried that others may find other means to euthanise their pets because there were ‘unscrupulous’ people who would profit from it.

Original Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/