In the film, Attenborough urges viewers to ditch meat in order to fight climate change.

Denning’s goes plant-based

Dennings fans were quick to chime in with their favourite vegan butter brands. One user replied: “There is vegan butter as well. And you don’t taste a difference. You rock!” Another wrote: “Miyoko’s is actual vegan butter replacement – not margarine style. So tasty. Give it a try.”

Dennings took the advice. She posted to her Instagram Story that she tried Miyoko’s Creamery butter, as well as the brand’s vegan cream cheese. She said: “Bought this butter, this vegan butter. Just tried it. And I was like ‘meh, this isn’t going to be good.’ And it is. It tastes like butter. How do they do it?”

“I’m honestly kind of mad because I didn’t realise that vegan dairy or whatever you call it was good,” she continued. “Legitimately, giving up meat is not a problem, I barely eat it. I maybe eat one meat every two months. But cheese and butter, I was like, ‘there’s no way, I love cooking too much, I love baking.’ I’m shook. And mad. And mad and shook. And shmad about how legit this stuff is.”

Newly plant-based

The next day, Dennings shared she’d had a hiccup while making her morning cup of joe. “Already failed at being plant-based due to coffee complications. I am making changes, but please lower your expectations. Thank you,” she wrote.

Going plant-based is easy, so long as you have the proper resources to help you make the switch. And, like Dennings, those who transition to a plant-based diet shouldn’t be too hard on themselves.

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