Comedian Kevin Hart recently appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” He told Rogan that he regards himself as a “plant-based eater” and says he feels better for eating mostly vegan foods.

Hart told Rogan that he doesn’t eat red meat, fish, or any other form of seafood, but will occasionally “dabble” and eat chicken.

He encouraged others to experiment with plant-based foods too. “Just because you make the decision to go and try plant-based, doesn’t mean you have to [be engulfed] in that world,” he said. “Learn it, understand it, and see if there are benefits that work for you.” 

According to Hart, he stopped eating red meat after he realized he “didn’t have to have it” for protein. “Once I found out there was protein and things in other foods and other resources, then I started to learn more about the plant-based food space,” he recalled.

He started off by trying California-based Beyond Meat’s vegan products. “I [expletive] fell in love with Beyond Meat,” he told Rogan.

‘A Significant Change’

Hart has made no secret of his love for Beyond Meat’s products. In April, he donated Beyond Burgers to healthcare workers at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Rogan, on the other hand, is skeptical about Beyond Meat’s nutritional value. The podcast host—who tried out a carnivore meat-only diet earlier this year—told the comedian, “if you’re gonna be plant-based that’s not the way to go.”

Beyond Meat maintains its products deliver as much, or more, protein than meat products, contain less saturated fat, and are completely free of cholesterol.

Hart’s verdict? He just feels better eating Beyond Burgers instead of beef, as well as other plant-based foods.

“After liking the [Beyond Meat] burger the most [over other plant-based options], then I said, let me see if I can be more consistent,” he explained. “Since doing that, I’ve seen a significant change. Just being more vibrant, more up and at it.” 

“My days were always long, so there used to be a wall that I would hit,” he added, explaining that he used to eat beef burgers without the bun, as well as steak and eggs for protein. “Whatever it was, I always hit a wall a day,” he said, “where I’m dozing and I’m crashing. [Now] I don’t have those crashes.”

Original Source: https://www.livekindly.co/