Companies encouraging workers to try a plant-based diet in January include Nestle, Bloomberg, PwC, EY, Marks & Spencer and Quorn.

Plant-based campaigners Veganuary are getting ready for a big 2021. The campaign hopes to get 500,000 people to pledge to go vegan in January 2021 as part of its push for plant-based diets.

400,000 people signed the pledge in 2020, a steadily growing figure year over year. While last year was a record, Veganuary campaigners hope to reach over 500,000. With the help of celebrities including Jane Goodall and Paul McCartney, they’re on their way.

Another push comes from executives at UK multinationals including Nestle, who are encouraging their workforces to join. The Guardian shared executives including Marco Settembri, the chief executive of Nestlé (Europe, Middle East and north Africa), who shared, “A well-planned plant-based diet can meet nutritional needs during all stages of life while there are environmental and health benefits too. This year I am passing the baton and encouraging all employees to participate in Veganuary and sign up to the challenge. I am happy to be part of this movement as it grows across Europe and beyond.”

Other companies encouraging workers to try a plant-based diet include Bloomberg, PwC, EY, Marks & Spencer and Quorn.

Philip Watson, Quorn’s UK and Europe commercial director, said, “Our purpose is to provide healthy food for people and the planet and by backing Veganuary 2021, we aim to get closer to our 2030 target of 8bn meat-free servings a year worldwide.”

Original source: https://www.onegreenplanet.org