A group of soldiers in the town of Donbas found a puppy on the street and took him in. Now Rambo is their protector while also keeping their spirits up.

A group of Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas has found a new recruit in the form of a sweet stray dog. In a viral video, the servicemen introduce their newest “recruit”: a puppy they are calling Rambo.

They found Rambo on the street and decided to take him in. “We felt sorry for him. It was freezing outside,” the soldiers explain on camera. “We took him into our post, and he stayed with us.” Rambo was small enough to fit in one palm, but they kept him and beside him they have two more puppies, which mainly hang around in the kitchen.

Rambo is an adorable pup who is absolutely dwarfed by the soldiers in their combat gear. But still, he commands a presence (as puppies do), which might be why the troop refers to him as their “protector.” According to the soldiers, Rambo acts as a watchdog who can hear if a stranger is nearby.

“He is a security guard, that’s his job,” said the soldier. “He is a watchdog, and he listens very well if a stranger approaches.”

Great hearing might be the most physical protection he can offer, but Rambo is undoubtedly helping to preserve their morale as the fighting stretches on. Rambo, in addition to his role as a protector, helps the soldiers maintain their mood in the dark and difficult conditions of war. The joy of a puppy certainly brings a little relief to dark days.

Watch the video below to see Rambo with his squad.