Spearheaded by vegan charity PETA, animal-shaped ice sculptures were left melting outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

A pig, cow, and chicken sculpture were constructed in front of the parliamentary headquarters highlighting the link between animal agriculture and the climate crisis. They slowly melted over a banner that read: “Change your plate, not the climate. Animal agriculture is melting the ice caps. Go vegan.”

The demonstration was spearheaded by vegan charity PETA, ahead of World Environment Day (5 June) following a letter sent by the organization’s French affiliate to European Parliament President David Sassoli. It called on him to ensure the Parliament serves exclusively vegan meals as well as ‘send a responsible and compassionate message to the whole world’.

“As you know, the climate crisis requires urgent action,” the letter reads. “The science is clear on this topic: animal-derived products – including chicken, fish, cheese, and eggs – have a much bigger environmental footprint than plant-based foods. The United Nations has considered animal agriculture to be one of the main causes of issues such as deforestation, pollution, dead zones in the oceans, habitat loss, species extinction, and melting ice caps.” [This] is why it has warned that a change in diet is needed to prevent the worst effects of the climate crisis.”

The letter then says representatives must ‘lead by example’. It argues switching to a vegan menu is ‘not only easy but also cuts food-related carbon emissions by 73 percent’.

Original source: https://plantbasednews.org