People love movies with special animals, yet we have reached such a disconnect that many of us adore the piggy Babe, yet happily sit down to bacon at breakfast. These movies show that we should stop making a division between animals in stories and those in factory farms. 

1. 101 Dalmatians – We sit tensely hoping that Cruella de Vil doesn’t murder the puppies to make her fur coat for fashion.

2. Chicken Run – An animated film about a group of chickens who try to escape before being slaughtered for a farmer’s pie. We gasp, hope, and pray throughout the film for their freedom.

3. Finding Nemo – When Nemo the fish is captured by humans we pray for his freedom so he can be reunited with his dad.

4. Babe – We cheer on an orphaned pig named Babe, as he shows us how intelligent pigs can be by herding sheep, just like dogs.

5. Happy Feet – We feel so upset that Mumble, the dancing penguin’s home is melting away due to climate change. We watch him and his friends in hope as they embark on their journey to save their species.

Our natural instincts to these films speak volumes. They show us that we don’t wish for harm to come to animals. We sit tensely hoping for them all to achieve a happy life with their families and friends.

These films show just a tiny fraction of what’s truly happening in the animal agriculture industry.

The truth is hidden away, and when we are faced with the unbearable reality of their suffering we prefer to pretend no such thing happens.

Just because we don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

The animals and the planet need us more than ever. Follow your TRUE instincts. Go vegan, it’s not a diet.

By Jess Roberts for AACC