Bryan Adams has always been vocal about choosing the lifestyle for the sake of the animals and our planet. He has also been vegan for 30 years.

He’s a trendsetting musician with timeless appeal and a fan base that spans generations. Bryan Adams has been making music for 40 years, 30 of those as a vegan. He’s always been vocal about choosing the lifestyle for the sake of the animals and our planet. But he also believes you can change your health for the better just by changing your diet.

You’ve been vegan for over to three decades now. What prompted the decision, and how long did it take you to eliminate all animal products from your life?
Trusting doctors with my health just wasn’t working for me. I managed to change things (for the better) for myself within months by simply changing my diet. I saw what were chronic health problems disappear by eliminating animal products from what I was eating. I’ve never looked back.

How easy or difficult is it to stick to the vegan lifestyle on the road, especially when you’re touring across continents?
It’s easier now than in years gone by. Occasionally you get somewhere and the food is simply average or bland, but that’s the only complaint. Also, sometimes there is a kind of ‘fake cheese’ or ‘fake meat’ which I’m not a fan of, plus you find some dishes that claim to be vegan but have egg-based mayonnaise.

As someone who’s been vegan for so long, what kind of change have you seen in the movement? Do you feel youngsters and consumers today are more conscious of their eating habits and how it affects the planet?
Yes for sure, it’s a big deal and even older people are adopting veganism. It’s interesting, when people go into a hospital for cancer, the first thing doctors do is change their patients’ diet to vegetarian – so they obviously know there is a benefit to a plant based diet. I believe in many cases, if people changed their diet to a plant-based one, they might avoid the hospital entirely.

Original source: www.veganfirst.com