Industrial farming is harmful to pigs who are abused while there. Pigs are extremely intelligent animals who deserve to be treated better.

A female pig in an industrial farm can be less than a year old when she gives birth for the first time. Her piglets will be taken from her only three weeks later, and she won’t see them again. Their teeth will be filed down, and their tails cut off – all without any pain relief. Then they’ll be packed so tightly together that they are pumped with antibiotics to stop infections spreading.

The mother pig, meanwhile, is artificially inseminated again and again. Each time, her piglets are taken away after just a few weeks. She spends the rest of her short life like this, with nothing to do except chew on the bars of her tiny cage, known as a ‘sow stall’. Eventually, her exhausted body begins to slow after near-constant breeding – so she’s culled at only three years old.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Pigs are intelligent, sociable animals, and they are healthier when they have space to explore, the chance to see natural light, and the time to interact with each other.

Original source: https://www.worldanimalprotection.org