.A property company will only approve expenses for veggie food in future.Only meatless food be compensated for, in a bid to reduce its environmental impact.

Igloo Regeneration held a staff vote, and only a handful of people voted against the proposal, which was suggested by development surveyor Kate Marfleet, head of the company’s values team.

Now, all corporate entertaining, workshop catering and staff expenses for the some 30 staff, must be meat-free to be reimbursed by the company. In a further eco-friendly move, the company encourages train travel, and doesn’t provide company cars.


Marfleet told the BBC: “We had some justifications as to why it was a good idea, mostly environmental. There were some reservations from staff, but most of those were based on them being unsure of the environmental impact.”

She added that the option of the company going vegan was discussed, but dismissed as employees considered it ‘restrictive’. Marfleet herself eats meat outside of work, saying she is ‘almost vegetarian’ and ‘eats meat probably once every 10 days’.

“It certainly sparked a lot of internal conversation about food and particularly as a younger person, it’s interesting to have conversations with our older colleagues who say they are now eating a lot less meat at home as well,” she added

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