The driving force for many behind going vegan is concerns over animal welfare, but adopting a plant-based diet also has endless benefits for the planet and your health, too.

It’s officially the end of the festive period and January brings with it New Year’s Resolutions we most likely won’t keep. But one resolution that may be worth your while is giving veganism a go.

The good news is that being vegan has never been easier or as tasty! The demand for plant-based products is booming as the number of people choosing to ditch animal products increases around the world.

The driving force for many behind going vegan is concerns over animal welfare, but adopting a plant-based diet also has endless benefits for the planet and your health, too.

Here are six reasons why you should go vegan:

1. Going vegan helps our planet

Animal agriculture is the single greatest human-caused source of greenhouse gases, according to environmental organisation Worldwatch.

If you needed any more proof, the United Nations has called for a global shift towards a meat and dairy-free diet to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and climate change.

2. Going vegan helps the animals

Like us, animals form emotional relationships and bonds. It’s common for dairy cows and lambs to show signs of extreme distress when they are separated from their young when they are sent away for fattening.

Peta estimates that every vegan saves nearly 200 animals per year, so there’s no better way to prevent cruelty to animals than opting for a plant-based diet.

3. Going vegan is good for your health

Adopting a vegan diet can help you live a healthier and happier life, whether you want to lose weight or boost your energy levels.

A 2015 study published in the journal Nutrition compared the effectiveness of five different diets for weight loss and found that those on the vegan diet lost more weight than any other group.

Weight loss aside, vegan diets are also beneficial for maintaining overall health. With a carefully planned diet, vegans can get all the nutrients they need to be healthy, such as plant protein, fibre and minerals.

4. Vegan food is delicious

Vegan food is no longer about under-cooked quinoa and dry nut roasts – there are now more options out there for those on a plant-based diet than ever before.

From vegan roasts to sweet treats, there’s enough vegan alternatives to fool even the most dedicated of carnivores. Plus, many of your favourite high street restaurants have also expanded their menu to include vegan-friendly options, so you don’t need to worry about having to turn down dinner invitations.

5. Going vegan could make you a better cook

When you go vegan, you’ll need to pay close attention to what you’re eating to make sure you’re getting enough essential nutrients in your diet, such as protein and iron.

Plus, with so many bloggers and celebrities promoting a plant-based lifestyle, there are a whole host of recipes for you to experiment with, so there’s no excuse for all those takeaways.

6. Too much meat is bad for you

From high blood pressure and cholesterol to diabetes, eating a diet heavy in meat is not healthy for our bodies.

In 2015, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said processed meat ranks alongside smoking as a major cause of cancer.

Even if you’re not ready to go completely vegan just yet, trying one meat-free day a week and then cutting down on your meat intake gradually can help improve your health.

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