Snoop Dogg served Dunkin’s new Beyond Sausage Sandwich to unsuspecting customers at a location in Los Angeles. The vegan-friendly breakfast sandwich launched nationwide today.

In a video posted to Instagram, Dunkin’ says that it brought in the “biggest Beyond Meat fan” they know — Snoop Dogg — to play employee for the day. Snoop mans the counter and the drive-thru as he serves the Beyond Sausage Sandwich to customers. “You want that plant-based great taste?” he asks.

“You have a beautiful day, you hear me?” he tells a customer at the drive-thru. People are understandably surprised to see the iconic rapper behind the counter at a Dunkin’ in Los Angeles.

Dunkin’ intended to introduce the Beyond Sausage Sandwich nationwide in January 2020, but its popularity accelerated the launch. The breakfast sandwich was the number two bestselling sandwich in Manhattan and sales were double the expectation.

This isn’t the first of Snoop Dogg’s Beyond Meat promotions. Last May, the 48-year-old rapper drove a food truck around El Segundo, California – where Beyond Meat is headquartered – serving vegan burgers in honour of the company’s IPO. He also served Beyond Burgers at the pre-Grammys party last February.

Original source: www.livekindly.co