Lantmännen’s plant-based protein line is the world’s first protein made from oats which can be used in meat analogues to enhance the texture and flavour.

Lantmännen – Swedish for “the farmers” – expands its PrOtein line with the addition of PrOatein Fine and PrOatein Organic, which can be used in meat analogues to enhance the texture, flavour, and amino-acid profile of legume-based TVP products, and is said to combine particularly well with pea protein.

Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative owned by over 19,000 Swedish farmers with operations in over 20 countries and an annual turnover of over €4.5 billion. Last year it announced a cooperation with mycelium-based protein food tech Mycorena, in a strategic venture to focus on upcycling food waste to create fungi-based protein sources and ingredients.

PrOtein – world’s first oat protein concentrate

The PrOtein ingredient first launched in February of last year, with the company referring to it at the time as the world’s first oat protein concentrate. Oats have emerged as a trending ingredient since 2020 with producers such as Green&Gold seeing success for its pulled oat “superfood” product which rolled out into Taco Bell the previous year.

In addition to plant-based meat products, the ingredient – based on non-GMO oats from Sweden – can be used to enhance protein across multiple applications including Bars; Bread, cookies and biscuits; Ice cream; Meat analogues; Pasta; and Sports nutrition.

Two new versions announced this week

  • PrOatein Organic is produced via a natural process from organic oats and is said to offer an excellent alternative or complement to other plant-based protein sources.
  • PrOatein Fine is specially developed to be used in applications where mouthfeel is of importance, such as dairy alternatives, plant-based beverages and lifestyle nutrition. The protein levels are equal to conventional PrOatein, only PrOatein Fine has a smaller particle size – resulting in a smoother mouthfeel.

“We are very pleased to be able to answer to the increasing global demand for organic ingredients with this launch, since the marker of plant-based proteins and organic food is continuously growing year on year,” says Kristian Knutson, Marketing & Sales Manager Food Ingredients.

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