BOSH! boys, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, talk about their favourite vegan recipes and give their hacks to plant-based eating in 2022.

Whether you are giving Veganuary a go or are simply trying to cut down on your meat consumption, plant-based food has never been more exciting.

But while thousands of people are trying out new vegan recipes, meat and dairy replacements can be quite expensive. So, in a bid to get more people experimenting with simple vegetables, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby – who make up the vegan cooking duo BOSH! – have come up with some incredible budget-friendly recipes.

Lifelong friends from Sheffield, Henry, 38, and Ian, 37, created BOSH! over five years ago, and are now own biggest plant-based video channel in the world.

The boys sat down with Heart.co.uk to chat about their new book BOSH! On A Budget and give their tips on trying out veganism this year.

What made you both turn vegan?
Ian: “Cowspiracy was one of the major triggers that made us turn vegan, it’s just basically a film that shines a light on the fact animal agriculture on mass really isn’t good for the environment. Prior to that film neither of us really put two and two together.”

What tips would you give someone trying out veganism for the first time?
Henry: “Try finding some new favourite recipes, we’ve all got that go to pasta dish, or that go-to lasagne or curry we cook on a regular basis; make a vegan version of that. It’s actually really easy to do. You can use mushrooms to make an incredible replacement for beef mince in a lasagne. Find a way to make your favourite recipes and then you’ve got something to fall back on as you find your way.”

How can veganism be more accessible?
Ian: “I think the supermarkets are doing a very good job of making vegan options more available. You walk into the supermarket now and they have everything, from chicken to tuna, to beef to pork, and it’s all plant based. When it comes to making vegan food more accessible for the nation, it would be really great to see improvement in the education system. At the moment kids don’t really get taught how to cook which is a real shame. If we can alter the syllabus for kids and get them cooking a bit of plant based food, I think that would be really fantastic.”

What are the biggest misconceptions around vegan food?
Henry: “One misconception people have about vegan food is that it all tastes rubbish, but hopefully we are dispelling the myth. I think a lot of the big chain restaurants are also helping to dispel the myth by having delicious vegan food on the menu.”

What are your favourite recipes from BOSH! On a Budget?
Henry: “There are so many good recipes in this book, a personal favourite of mine would be the Tofu Vindaloo, packed with flavour, vinegar and garlic and a host of other spices. The white wine vinegar adds a sharp, crisp note, because it’s so hot and so delicious, you just want to keep eating more.”
Ian: “For me its the General Tso’s Tofu, because it’s a really simple way to maximise the potential of Tofu by crisping it up with cornflour and then making a really sticky garlic laden sauce and serving with a very simple jasmine rice. It’s absolutely delicious.”

BOSH! On a Budget is out now at retailers such as Waterstones, Amazon and WHSmith. Or simply  tune into Bosh TV.

Original source: https://www.heart.co.uk