Terry used to hunt animals, but now he is vegan and its changing his life by improving his health. See what he has to say.

A hunter turned vegan has spoken out about his dramatic U-turn in a video for Million Dollar Vegan (MDV).

MDV is an advocacy organization which encourages and supports people to sign its 31-day pledge and give a plant-based diet a go. In the past, MDV has offered to make $1,000,000 dollar charity donations if Pope Francis and Donald Trump signed the pledge.

Those who take part will be offered recipes, health and nutrition advice, and a free Vegan Starter Kit featuring meal plans, tips on where to eat out, and answers to tricky questions.

Hunter to vegan

Million Dollar Vegan has shared the stories of many people who have experienced dramatic transformations – whether they have changed their ethics, health, or bodies.

One of those is Terry, a former hunter who went plant-based to tackle his colitis and is now a proud vegan and animal advocate.

Hunting family

Speaking in an exclusive MDV video, Terry said: “I grew up in a hunting family. My grandfather who I idolized was a hunter, and listening to his stories it was just sort of natural that I was going to hunt.

“So I surrounded myself with buddies that had similar interests and we took the hunting course. When I went out hunting, I’ve shot close to a dozen deer, and numerous birds, and I kind of prided myself on making sure that my shots were clean and perfect. I never took risky shots.”

‘I don’t want to hurt animals anymore’

But he admits that despite his clean shots, the animals he killed all suffered. He said: “Every single one of the animals that I shot, they all died violently, and they died suffering, and they died terrified.

“A buddy of mine took a shot and I came up on the deer. I was closer to it after he shot it, and there it was trying to get up on its front two legs and its front two legs were blown off. So that was one of the things that really drove it home to me. So there it was trying to get up on its two bloody stubs.”

He described tracking deer that people have shot, following their bloody trails for many kilometers.

“You can see where they’ve stopped to take a breather, which is a joke, because they are basically drowning in their own blood,” he said. “I love animals and I don’t want to hurt them anymore.”

Going plant-based

Around six years ago, Terry was diagnosed with colitis, after having stomach issues for years. Then around two years ago, he and his wife started to make the switch to a plant-based diet, after reading about the health benefits.

“As soon as you see the benefits of it, and the awakening that you start seeing, the lies that you’re being told by big business and big authority start becoming obvious,” he said.

After being vegan for two years, Terry says he has had no colitis flare-ups (after having up to eight serious flare-ups a year before), his cholesterol is down to normal, and he lost 30lb without trying.

“It may seem odd to say you’re thankful for getting a disease, or contracting a disease, but that’s what’s opened my eyes to the horrors that are going on in the animal agriculture industry. So I guess I am thankful for it because now I don’t really suffer from it and I don’t contribute to the horrors of the agriculture industry.

Original source: https://www.plantbasednews.org/