Time and time again, we have seen how animal agriculture contributes to disease; with factory farming becoming more aggressive, it could be the next source of a pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact, with thousands and thousands of deaths and untold suffering all over the world.

However, the pandemic should not have come as a surprise as such an outbreak has been predicted for years because of the way we exploit animals and nature – whether that is factory farming, animal markets or other abuses. Covid-19 originated in an animal market in China and other outbreaks of major diseases also have their origin in animal exploitation – swine flu from pigs, avian flu from chickens, MERS from camels, Ebola from monkeys, etc.

The next health crisis is highly likely to be antibiotic-resistant bacteria caused by the use of antibiotics in modern factory farms. This will have devastating consequences as the antibiotics we take for granted to treat bacterial infections will no longer be effective.

If we are to stop future pandemics, we need to stop our exploitation of animals and nature and move away from animal agriculture to an agriculture – and diet – that is plant-based. This will save human lives as well as stopping the horrendous cruelty to animals.

Original source: https://www.guardian-series.co.uk